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84% of Generation Y

report that user
generated content
influences what
they buy…

70% of Baby Boomers

are influenced by
online opinions

76% of Consumers

Of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Social proof isn’t just an abstract psychological concept for big marketers – it’s one of only a handful of online marketing methods that works for almost any kind of business. This could be implemented on the homepage of a website or for the use of a B2B or B2C landing page strategy. 

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Get Social Proof
Get Social Proof

"Social Proof Is The New Marketing"

− TechCrunch

"Testimonials from satisfied customers work best when the satisfied customer and the prospective customer share similar circumstances."

− Robert Cialdini, Author, Influence; The Psychology of Persuasion

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Only 29% of consumers
say they trust text
ads on mobile phones.
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of Millenials are Influenced by Social Proof
of Americans Check Online Reviews Before Using a Local Business

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Social Proof gives you the best chance at a first impression